I entered the tobacco industry in 1984, when I started on a training program which covered everything from farming, hand striping and threshing under Universal Leaf, the largest dealership in the World. I began my career in Malawi working on products for the roll your own market in Europe, which allowed me to work with Burley, Flue-cured, Fire-cured, Air-cured and Oriental tobacco’s all the most important varieties used today.

I worked as an account executive for Universal Malawi on Philip Morris and JTI accounts. With experience in every aspect of the tobacco industry from 2000 onwards I moved towards creating my own blends. Working with a team of master blenders I created the primary blend for Georgian Tobacco.  I’ve created hundreds of blends for small and medium companies worldwide using quality leaves and grades to create exactly the desired finish.

It’s this passion for blending that I bring to Home of Cut Rag – it means we don’t just supply volume, we supply a quality product.