We can produce a range of tobacco blends and flavors using an exceptionally wide selection of leaves sourced from across the world. We customize our blends according to each brand/clients requirement. Blends can also be tailored according to the profile preferred in particular markets.

Some blends are designed for Africa, some are designed for the Middle East and some suit the flavor profile preferred in Europe. We also use a range of casings and flavors to adapt blends.

With a full supply chain facility and Home of Cut Rag can logistically expedite customer’s orders to be shipped to reach their destinations promptly.

House Blends

Given our 24 hour production capability we can meet orders from one container upwards.

  • 100 per cent Virginia flue-cured tobacco sourced from leading dealers across the globe.
  • Virginia flue-cured tobacco and burley.
  • Case toasted burley and oriental flue-cured tobacco.