A location that straddles major shipping lanes, cutting edge equipment, global sourcing,
high capacity, lows costs and a depth of tobacco related expertise makes Home of Cut Rag
one of the world’s leading independent primary facilities.

We have a four ton lamina line and a one ton stem line running in tandem.

Port Side Location

Our location, in proximity to two ports-Nelson Mandela Bay and Port Elizabeth, means we are within 2–3 weeks shipping distance from the world’s major tobacco producing areas – South America, the Far East and Central Africa.This allows us to us to access a continuous supply of tobacco and ensure supply to the customers.


  • State of the art Hauni cutters
  • Top of the line laboratory equipment linked to the lamina and stem lines, which gives us online readings of all essential requirements.
  • Moisture meter – both on lamina and stems, which reads moisture, sugar, and nicotine.
  • Our sieves  –  can provide information as to the  exact ratio in the production run.

South African Advantage

South Africa’s modern infrastructure – excellent highways, modern airport facilities, continuous power supply, stable political environment and currency guarantee the smooth fulfillment of even the largest scale orders.